Statement on Unethical and Unsustainable Wild Collection
Updated 3-SEPT-2023 by the Board of Directors

The IAS board of directors supports ethical, sustainable collecting of aroids from their natural habitat. Such activities should be done responsibly, with concern for the integrity of the ecosystem; support for conservation, education, and the continued existence of sustainable populations of aroid species in their original habitat; and respect for existing laws, policies, practices, and people in the area of origin, as appropriate. We feel that this position is particularly important at the present time, due to the destruction, degradation, and exploitation of many native aroid habitats and the increasing severity of weather events related to climate change. Unethical and unsustainable acquisition of aroids, including collection of large numbers of plants, damage to local environments, and other actions that threaten the survival of a population or species in the wild, are not tolerated. We do not endorse such actions, nor do we wish to be complicit as an organization in supporting those who engage in such actions.

For our annual show and sale, we make our stance known to each of our vendors and partners, and we require that, to be included in our show and sale, they abide by the elements of this statement. We also ask that anyone who believes that a vendor is not upholding these values provide the IAS board with conclusive documentation of actions that are out of keeping with this statement. Upon receipt of this documentation, the IAS board will follow up with that party regarding any concerns.

It is our intention that the IAS continue to promote the sustainable and responsible enjoyment of aroids for all current and future generations of enthusiasts.