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The spathe and spadix of Amorphophallus titanum by Kandis Elliot. What is an Aroid?
Aroid is the common name for members of the Araceae family of plants, sometimes known as the Philodendron or Arum family. The occasionally beautiful and often bizarre combination of spathe and spadix called the inflorescence, sometimes referred to as a "flower", is a distinguishing feature of all aroids.
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Amorphophallus dunnii
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2024 International Aroid Society's Tropical Plant Expo

The 47th annual IAS Show & Sale has been rebranded! More info can be found here. This year's event will be held on September 21st - 22nd at Miami-Dade County Fair Expo Center. This year will be our biggest yet! For more details check out our new event website

General Membership Meeting Presentation - December 4, 2022

On December 24, 2022, the IAS held its first ever online general membership meeting including a presentation by board member Franco Urban giving a tour of his massive terrarium. Members may view a video of the meeting and one of the presentation by clicking here

Aroideana 47(1)

The latest edition of Aroideana 47(1) is now available for all active members. Access this plus past available issues by clicking here.

Our entire collection of back issues is now available online, back to Volume 1, Number 1, May 1978.

Newsletter 46(1)

The latest edition of the IAS Newsletter 46(1) is now available for all active members. Access this plus past available issues by clicking here.

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Membership fees have dropped to $20 annually for individual members and $25 for institution/library subscriptions.

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