IAS Show and Sale 2008

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Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami Florida is the site of the annual IAS Show and Sale
They have beautifully landscaped grounds.
They grow rare tropical fruit trees, amazonica lilies, huge gingers and a surprising number of plants from the spiny forest of Madagascar.
... and many many rare tropical plants.
The event is held the 3rd weekend in September.
The garden is very active in helping out plant societies.
Fairchild has undergone quite a lot of renovations in recent years and is a world-class botanical garden with important collections.
The garden very kindly helped us out by advertising the show heavily.
One of many impressive vistas at Fairchild.
In addition to the Aroids, the garden has important collections of many other types of tropical plants, particularly palms and cycads.
The garden has recently had several art exhibits, including a Chihuly show.
Lester Kallus helping out with show setup.

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