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Current Issue:

Vol 45, No 1
January 2023
Philodendron carinatum, Anthurium eminens, Aroid-friendly Palm Species, New Aroid Specialist at Nancy, Message from the President, 14th Annual International Aroid Conference

Back Issues:

Vol 44, No 3
August 2022

Meeting in Sweden, Moving Adult Meconostigma Issues, New Aroid Researcher, IAS Governing Board Vacancies, IAS September Show & Sale
Vol 44, No. 2
June 2022

The Story of Philodendron × joepii, Philodendron wittianum in the Kaw Mountains, IAS 2022 Show & Sale, X1V Aroid Conference at MOBOT

Vol 44, No. 1
March 2022
New opportunities for Aroid Research in Colombia, Schismatoglottis metallica PIKACHU is a Win-Win, Philodendron brevispathum Schott, A Generous Grant to the IAS
Vol 43, No. 4
December 2021
Successful Pollination of Philodendron spiritus-sancti, Philodendron billietiae, Aracea from Northeastern Mexico, What's Wrong with my Anthurium, Cultivar Website Update, Introducing New Board Members
Vol 43, No 3
August 2021

Guatemala expedition, Anthurium 'Delta Force", Aroid Cultivars Website, Philodendron squamiferum, 2021 IAS Show & Sale
Vol 43, No 2
June 2021
John Banta in Memoriam, Floating Tubercles of Amorphophallus dracontioides, Philodendron grandipes, Phu Quoc Aroids
Vol 43, No 1
March 2021

Philodendron hybrids in French Guiana, Amazonia Pigs Love Aroids, Cryptocoryne cordata Healing, Amydrium medium, International Palm Society, Greenhouse Tools

Vol 42, No 4
December 2020
European Aroid Community, Thailand Best Aroid Show, Difficult Cryptocoryne
Vol 42, No 3
August 2020
Aroid Research in Nancy, Lasia concinna, Anthurium bonplandii, Anthurium jenmannii, Show is Postponed
Vol 42, No 2
June 2020
Volunteer Research Associates in the Aroid Research Group at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Vol 42, No 2
June 2020
Josef Bogner In Memoriam
Vol 42, No 1
March 2020
Monstera in Colombia, Urospatha sagittifolia, Dr. Guadalupe Amancio Rosas, Aroid Calendar
Vol 42, No 1
March 2020
“Papa Don’t Leech”, A horticultural expedition log through 4 Southeast Asian countries by Alan Galloway, Bjørn Malkmus-Hussein, David Prehsler and Derek Carwood
Vol 41, No 4
December 2019
Dressler, Soukup, Show and Sale, Thomas Sayers, Spathiphyllum humboldtii, Monstera in Colombia
Vol 41, No 3
August 2019
Monstera, Marco Cedeño and more
Vol 41, No 2
June 2019
Anthurium gracile, Philodendron acutatum, Adelonema picturatum, Aroid Conference First Circular
Vol 41, No 1
March 2019
Expedition to Ecuagenera, Latin American Aroid Symposium, Donation Photo
Vol 40, No 4
December 2018
Lorenzia umbrosa, Stenospermation, Show Awardees
Vol 40, No 3
August 2018
Show Details, Araceae at MOBOT, Joep Travels Continued, Artur Maia Profile
Vol 40, No 2
June 2018
Tom Croat in Mexico, Joep Travels to the Show, More Josef Bogner
Vol 40, No 1
March 2018
Cali Posters, February Show, Josef Bogner
Vol 39, No 4
December 2017
Cali Conference, Montrichardia, Marija Bedelov, Monstera Research, Show Postponed
Vol 39, No 3
August 2017
Dieffenbachia paludicola revisited, Show and Sale
Vol 39, No 2
June 2017
Giants in Aroid Research, Dieffenbachia paludicola, Xavier Delannay, Aroid Workshop
Vol 39, No 1
March 2017
Philodendron pedatum varieties, Ranjita Talukdar, Jack Williford, Home at Last with Aroids, Aroid Conference Second Circular, Birdsey Award
Vol 38, No 4
December 2016
Philodendron 'Marijke', Marco Cedeño, Higher Plants of China, Allan Rossel, Aroid Conference First Circular, Board Business Summary
Vol 38, No 3
June 2016
Visit to Ecuador, George Bunting, Chlorofilled Mind, Wong Sin Yeng, Elephant in our Greenhouses and Cooking with Aroids
Vol 38, No 2
June 2016
Dan Nicolson, Crazy Gringo, Colombian Araceae Research group, Anaphyllopsis update, Aroid Conference
Vol 38, No 1
March 2016
Bucephalandra Propagation, Chinese Araceae, Lynn Hannon, New Aroid Researchers, Anaphyllopsis, New Books
Vol 37, No 4
December 2015

Ecuador, Publications Changes, Philodendron spiritus-sancti, Anthurium wendlingeri
Vol 37, No 3
August 2015

Show and Sale Info, Hawaii, Mitsuru Hotta, Colombian Aroid Conference, Proxy Ballot
Vol 37, No 2
June 2015

Ecuadorean Oriente Part 2, Harii Lorenzi, Anthurium Propagation, OPUS Grant, Maria Silva
Vol 37, No 1
March 2015

Ecuadorean Oriente, Philodendron scottmorianum, Bucephalandra
Vol 36, No 4
December 2014

Report from the Show, Penrissen Highlands, Wong Sin Yeng, Amorphophallus titanum at MOBOT, Li Heng, Oiapoque River, Minutes and Financial Statement
Vol 36, No 3
August 2014

Philodendron ushanum, Felipe Cardona, Quindio Colombia, Show and Sale, Proxy Ballot, Letter from the President
Vol 36, No 2
June 2014

Philodendron 'Joepii', Trip to Narino, Plant Collecting, Days Long Gone, Aroideana Note, Letter from the President
Vol 36, No 1
March 2014

Trip to Ecuador ( Pastaza Province ), Aroider Profiles, Hanoi Conference, Letter from the President
Vol 35, No 4
December 2013

Show Report, Expedition to Colombia and Ecuador, Ibague Conference, Letter from the President
Vol 35, No 3
August 2013

Show Info, Borneo Continued, Monocots V, Arum Book, Jean Paul Ferry
Vol 35, No 2
June 2013

Borneo, Dr. Sivadasan, Piptospatha insignis, Plants that go Bump in the Night, Bucephalandra
Vol 35, No 1
March 2013

Expedition to Western Ecuador
Vol 34, No 4A
January 2013

Aroid Studies in Colombia
Vol 34, No 4
December 2012

Aroid Studies in Colombia, Show and Sale, Conference Announcement, Financial Report
Vol 34, No 3
August 2012

Show and Sale, Sights in Jakarta and Singapore, Bakoa nakamotoi and Banana Moth Infestation
Vol 34, No 2
June 2012

Two Asian Gardens, Aquatic Snails, Araceae of Peninsular Malaysia, Show and Aroideana Preview
Vol 34, No 1
March 2012

Araceae of Indomalaya Key, Scouting the Jama-Coaque, Hapaline appendiculata, Bernard Jadin
Vol 33, No 4
December 2011

Report from the Show and Sale, Aroid Geology, Eduardo Andre, Flora of the Guianas
Vol 33, No 3
August 2011

Show and Sale, Living Wall, Brazil Conference, Proxy Ballot
Vol 33, No 2
June 2011

Caladium Breeding, MidAmerica Meeting Report, Croat in the Guianas, Packing Plants and Ambrosina bassii
Vol 33, No 1
March 2011

Steve Lucas, Alocasia and Colocasia in the UK, Anthurium at the Burle Marx Site, Life Beyond Aroids, Bizarre Botanicals
Vol 32, No 4
December 2010

Mid-America Meeting, A Young Aroider Speaks, Curing A Brown Thumb, Why do you Grow?
Vol 32, No 3
August 2010

Julius Boos, Tricia Frank
Vol 32, No 2
June 2010

Missouri Meeting, Simon Mayo, Jorge Lingan, Natalia Castano,Nils Koster and Joe Wright
Vol 32, No 1
March 2010

Elephant Ears, Heiko Hentrich, Ina Erlinawati, Repotting the IAS, MidAmerica Chapter Meeting
Vol 31, No 4
December 2009

Report from the Show and Sale, Philippine Alocasia